It’s Waters vs. David in the Finals

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A crowded Semi Final

Alison Waters (ENG) (3) bt Rachael Grinham (AUS) (2)
11/4, 5/11, 11/5, 11/13, 11/4 (58m)
This was going to be a big battle between the second and third seed of the tournament, and the first rally that went on and on was a clear indication of the potential excitement of the match. Alison took off with a 6-0 lead while Rachael tried catching up with some nice deceptive shots. The pace and length of the game was fast with Alison taking the game 11-4.

Rachael stretched to the limit by Alison. Photo courtesy of John Zhang from

Rachael came out stronger in the second game and got right back in the game at 11-5. Errors came from one direction in the third game—Rachael’s—and despite some calls against Alison’s favour, she kept her composure and at 10-5, delivered a deceptive boast to go 2-1 up against the lady from Toowomba.

Game four was laced with varying emotions. With Alison at a 2-1 lead, the referees called one of her shots down making the British lass infuriated. She was clearly dissatisfied and the decision was only turned when Rachael gave the thumbs up, indicating that Alison’s ball was in fact good. At 7-6 with Rachael leading, she slipped on the right side of the court and seemed to have hurt her right ankle as was evident in her movements shortly after. Despite that, Rachael pooled her strength and took the game in extra points.

Alison played a much tighter game in the fifth and seemed in better shape as she raced to the finish line and with two final tins from Rachael, Alison won the battle 11-4. It was a game well-played in the spirit of true sportsmanship.

Cleanliness is important in Singapore.

Nicol David (MAS) (1) bt Madeline Perry (IRL) (6)
11/7, 3/11, 11/4, 11/6 (50m)

Nicol vs Madeline was the highlight of the semis with Madeline having stopped Nicol in the quarters at the British Open in 2009. Nicol has been in sharp shape through the opening of this season but the Irish number one posed a potential threat to Nicol’s journey towards her fourth Singapore Masters title.

All eyes on the ball!

Both girls started well with a good mix of shots, providing for some very entertaining squash. Nicol was in superior form and took the first game. The second game saw some excellent squash from Madeline and Nicol made misjudgements in her play too many a time, losing the game 3-11. The 4-time world champion was back on her feet in the third game, looking more business-like. Similar to yesterday, Perry was not very happy with some of the calls by the referees, and she had no qualms expressing her frustration on court. All the drama seemed to have affected Madeline’s concentration while Nicol moved far ahead, winning 11-4!

The fourth game continued with the same issues as the third, with Perry being unhappy with some calls by the refs. Nicol stayed focussed and forged ahead with a 7-0 lead. A disheartened Perry tried fighting back but couldn’t find enough momentum to chase after the quick-paced Nicol.

Perry’s dumping of her racquet at a missed shot was a clear visual of her state of mind. Nicol continued her fine run to book the final berth in the Singapore Masters final with a 11-6 victory.

Great Squash by both girls. What a show! 

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