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In this week’s StarGazer Interview:
Nicol David, Malaysia

Nicol in Cancun, amongst Agave trees.

STARGAZER : Are your matches getting more competitive at the moment amongst your peers?
The level and depth of the women’s game is getting closer amongst the top players, and that makes it more challenging at every tournament. Each year there’s an improvement from everybody because they are gunning to make it higher in the rankings thus pushing everybody else to elevate their standards always.

STARGAZER : Do the tournaments get tougher after the first half of the year?
NICOL : The main tournaments like the World Open and this year’s Commonwealth Games and Asian Games will make the second half, a busy part of the calendar. There are also more major WISPA events from July til November, and that’s why the training build up is key.

STARGAZER : What gets you going in the second half of the season?
NICOL : Focusing and working towards the big tournaments and keeping the intensity with training. The year gets more exciting approaching the second half of the year and I have to be ready to work through right til the end of the year.

STARGAZER : What’s your main goal of the year?
NICOL : Looking to do well in the World Open and Commonwealth Games. These tournaments are the main focus for the year but I still would like to keep on top of my performance to do well in every tournament I play in.

Relaxing in the clear blue waters of Caymans

STARGAZER : Any goals outside of squash such as learning a language, surfing etc?
I do want to pick up a new language especially Spanish but I’ve been trying to do that for a while now. Will still keep onto it and continue to find more Spanish people to teach me the language!

STARGAZER : Any particular holiday planned for the summer?
Anywhere that has a beach and is sunny! Will probably go somewhere in Spain and experience a true beach holiday with friends of mine. I choose places where I can be away from my daily routine of squash training and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me while getting a tan!

STARGAZER : How do you converse with people who don’t speak your language especially with the traveling?
I actually just make hand signals a lot and sometimes find myself shouting. I just purchased a mini book to point to pictures in case I have trouble.

STARGAZER : If you had a choice to be a superstar, what kind of superstar would you be?
A rockstar! Everybody wants to experience the life of a rockstar at least once in their lifetime.

Nicol with her family and Mexican SquashStars Ambassador Samantha Teran


Name : Nicol Ann David
Age : 26
Nationality : Malaysian
Home State/Town/City : Penang, Malaysia
Current World Ranking : 1
Coach : Liz Irving
Racquet : Prince EXO3 Rebel
Favorite Squash Player of All Time : None in particular but all the squash greats are on my list
Proudest Achievement : Winning the World Open Championships in 2005
Favorite Tournament : Cayman Islands Open
Favorite Food : My Mum’s cooking and Penang food (Char Koay Teow)
Favorite Holiday Destination : Cancun
Favorite Color : Purple

A true Squash Star!

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Nicol David, Founder
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