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In this week’s StarGazer Interview:
Amanda Sobhy, USA

Rising Star - Amanda Sobhy

STARGAZER : How does it feel being the youngest player to claim three WISPA Tour titles?
AMANDA :At first, when going into the tournament, claiming that title wasn’t even on my mind, but now that I have accomplished it, it feels absolutely amazing. This has to be my best accomplishment in squash so far because I have just made a name for myself and no one can take that away from me. That is, unless someone beats me which I really hope doesn’t happen.

STARGAZER : What was your toughest match so far in your career?
AMANDA :My toughest match overall would be the finals of the US Junior Nationals this year that was held at Yale University in March. I was playing my rival Olivia Blatchford who was the number 1 in the US all of last the season while I was at number 2. During our match, we had our set of fan clubs and parents watching and cheering the match so there was definitely a lot of pressure mentally, making the match very nervewrecking. In the end, the match was tied at 2-2 and I was down 7-3 in the fifth, but I managed to dig deep and come back to take the trophy 11-8. It definitely felt good to end the 2010 season at the number one spot in the Girls Under-19 Division.

STARGAZER : How was training, building up to your tournaments in the first quarter of the year?
AMANDA : Up until the New Year, I was training a lot to get ready for the many tournaments I had coming up during the first quarter of the year. However, I train hard all the time but when I’m not playing tournaments, I attend North Shore High School in my hometown of Sea Cliff, New York where I am a junior.

STARGAZER : Can you give us some insights of your routine at a tournament?
AMANDA : Everyday during a tournament, I would wake up, eat breakfast, have a light hit in the morning, stretch, shower, go back to the hotel and hang out, eat, watch television, and do homework. Then I would go back for my match, go through my warm-up routine, play my match, stretch, shower, eat, and sleep, only to wake up the next morning and perform the same routine all over again.

STARGAZER : What’s your main goal of the year?
AMANDA : My goal for this year is to try and win the World Juniors at the end of June. Although I have many other goals such as trying to get ahead in my WISPA ranking and to always exceed my seeding during a tournament.

STARGAZER : Do you have any before-match rituals or superstition?
AMANDA : Usually when I have a tough and important match, I will wear my “winning outfit” because it has brought me some good luck and good wins. But before any match, I have a ritual warm up which consists of four main songs: Dirty Talk, Far Away, Follow Me Down, and My Life Be Like. Those are the songs that get me pumped up before each of my matches.

STARGAZER : What do you do when you are not playing squash?
AMANDA : I try to live the life of a normal teenager! Of course this means going to school, but there’s some fun in it too. I hang out with friends, go to the movies, go out to dinner, sleep. But this happens rarely considering I’m always playing squash all year round.


Name : Amanda Sobhy
Age : 16
Nationality : American
Home State/Town/City : New York, USA
Current World Ranking : 39 (MAY 2010)
Coach : Khaled Sobhy
Racquet : Harrow
Favorite Squash Player of All Time : Ramy Ashour
Proudest Achievement : Beating the newly crowned world junior champion during the World Team Event in 2009 in Chennai, India and making history by becoming the first player to have ever won 3 WISPA titles at the age of 16!
Favorite Tournament : Even though it’s a men’s tournament, I love watching the Tournament of Champions.
Favorite Food : Chicken Parmesan
Favorite Holiday Destination : A warm, beachy area with friends
Favorite Color : Blue


  1. Elizabeth

    May 11, 2011

    I'm 16, and have just started to play squash, It's a fun game, and hopefully I will go far. I plan on going to nationals, I probably won't win. That however, won't stop me from playing hard and going far. I'm still learning the ropes, but at one point in time, all the great players in any sport had to.

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