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Samantha Cornett, Canada

STARGAZER: You had a good outing at the recently concluded Carol Weymuller & U.S. Open tournaments. How did you feel about your performance in both and what tournaments are lined up next?
 I definitely surprised myself at the Carol Weymuller, especially in the first round against Sarah (Kippax). I had recently lost to her in Southampton 3-0, so that win was a catalyst for me. The next match vs Donna (Urquhart) helped solidify my new, tentative belief that I actually deserved that win. I didn’t win that match, but came very, very close and played some excellent squash.

At the U.S. Open, I scraped away with my best win yet over Dipika (Pallikal), I believe 11-9 in the fifth. It wasn’t my best squash, but it was consistent enough to win since she made more errors than I did.  After that win I felt ready to play Donna again the next day, but unfortunately she was way more ready. She didn’t give me an inch, and I couldn’t find a way to make one, and she won 3-0.

These two tournaments have given me a lot of confidence going into the next few events, especially Women’s World Teams in Nimes. I’ll be playing no. 1 for Team Canada, and I’m sure to get some great matches. And now I know I’m going into each one to win, not just for experience! My line-up until Christmas is: Abierto Mexicano, Women’s World Teams, NSA Fall Classic and World Open. I’m looking forward to each one so much!

STARGAZER: What are your other interests apart from squash?
SAM: Apart from squash, I enjoy catching up with friends, since these get-togethers are always few and far-between. I enjoy eating, and almost consider it part of my job. I’ve started cooking lately (big thanks to Misaki!), as I find I have the time since I am not taking any uni courses this semester.

I would watch some hockey if it weren’t for the lockout this year. I also love reading, but often try not to read during the season because I get so into books that it can be detrimental to training and my social life. No self control. And I love spending time with my family every chance that I get!

STARGAZER: What are your thoughts on squash’s chances to make the cut for the 2020 Olympic Games?
The Bid for the 2020 Olympics is so organized, and highlights all of the best qualities of squash. After this weekend’s World Squash Day, the IOC CAN’T say no!!! Look how many clubs are signed up, and how enthusiastic the players are. We all want this!

STARGAZER: If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?
SAM: Hardest question ever.

STARGAZER: What makes you most happy?
SAM: When lots of good little things happen.


Age : 21
Nationality : Canadian
Home State/Town/City : Deep River
Current Residence : In Toronto With my grandparents. I wouldn’t be able to travel to all of the tournaments I do if it weren’t for them putting up with me!
Current World Ranking : 37
Coach : I’m working with a few coaches and we bring all of the ideas to the table and figure out the best to bring out in me. Jamie HickoxJessica DiMauro, Neil Harvey (I’m working with him in Halifax at the moment), Jamie Nicholls, and Gary Waite are all helping me, and each one of them has something different that I connect with.
Racquet : Black Knight Ion X-Force
Favorite Squash Player of All Time : Sarah FitzGerald
Proudest Achievement : Winning the Pan Am Games Team Gold Medal
Favorite Tournament : Cleveland Racquet Classic
Favorite Food : Chocolate
Favorite Holiday Destination : Anywhere warm with a beach!
Favorite Color : Green


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