The Ups and Downs of this Squash Season

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Everyone was back in KL for the CIMB Malaysian Open at The Curve. The set-up resembled that of the last five years we’ve been competing here and the players stayed at the Royale Bintang Hotel.

It all started off at Bukit Jalil; a familiar spot just a week after competing to regain the National Title where I beat Delia Arnold in the finals 11-4, 11-9, 11-6. 

First round

Donna Urquhart stayed solid and attacked well, and I kept the intensity going. I had a better feel on the ball in the second and third and took my chances while she made some errors.

We were onto the glass court now. Laura Massaro and I were neck and neck in the first two games. At 1-1 in the third game, I stepped it up and got a good lead to take that game and kept it up in the fourth too. She got some points but I won in 4 games.

Omneya Abdel Kawy came in with a mission to go for anything that was presented to her. She led in the second but some mistakes came in towards the tail end of the game. I got a 2-0 lead and won the next game with a more errors from her.

Jenny Duncalf and I had some intense rallies with both of us moving well throughout the match. I had to save 2 game balls in the second to take that game. In the third game, I got more of my shots in place and won my 7th Malaysian Open title.

Amazing crowd as always and it was an euphoric atmosphere!

2011 Champions - Greg Gaultier and Nicol David


Flew out next day to Singapore and back to our tournament hotel at the Grand Mercure Roxy. Kallang Squash Centre kept its tradition to start off the CIMB Singapore Women’s Masters, then we moved onto the glass court at VIVOcity for the first time. Impressive venue and more shopping for the girls!

First Round
Raneem El Weleily had a similar approach as Omneya and she took it on straight away. I found myself having to save more game balls in the second to get a 2-0 lead. She made numerous errors in the third and I came out winning the match.

I was glad to be on the glass court in a new venue and was hyped to get on with Annie Au. I started much better in this match. The next two games were close right through with a variety of shots and I managed to go through the semis.

Another re-match with Laura Massaro after Malaysia but this time in the semis. Both of us went all out especially in the first two games. The third and fourth went more her way and in the fifth game, I started with a lead but I made a few errors at the end. She took the lead from then and won the match after 85 minutes.

It was a tough battle and she played well to get the win. Will take it on and learn from that match to bring it forward to the next tournaments ahead.

Both the Malaysian Open and Singapore Masters were covered by SquashStars right through the event. Great efforts from the SquashStars crew, complete with live blogging updates. Thanks to the crew for their support always for squash!

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