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Tomorrow is finals day at the Sun and Surf where Manuela and Latasha will battle it out for top spot.  The event has been a huge success.  The squash has impressed the many Vancouverites.

Sun & Surf Goes Old School

Sun & Surf Goes Old School

The theme for this year’s social event was Old School.  And the vintage dresses that the Wispa girls wore were top notch.  The two best dressed were Stephanie Edmison and Shauna Flath.  Steph wore a purpley-blue poofy ball gown that was only made better when it ripped as she bent over.  Shauna, the tournament organizer and Canada’s national coach, wore a sharp navy blue skirt suit with slicked back hair and high heels.  Most of the players didn’t recognise her when she first arrived because her look was so far from the Shauna we know.

Tomorrow the stands will be packed to watch the final match and the girls will put on a great show.

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  1. Lorraine Siew

    August 9, 2009

    Good to see you back in action Alana :)

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