Summer still on in Amsterdam

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Concert on the Canal

It has been very festive being back here in Amsterdam. The sun is out, and everything is happening outdoors. There was a floating barge open air concert on the Saturday evening that was the final day of the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam ( a summer festival of classical music in Amsterdam ) on the Prinzengracht canal. Unbelievable how they have set this entire floating platform to hold a piano, violinists and other musicians performing on there. Everyone tries to park their boats early during the day to save their spot til the evening.

Sam and Nicol at Vondelpark

On the Sunday, I found out that there was another open air concert with various artists performing in the Vondelpark right in the city. Since Samantha is here training in Amsterdam, we both decided this is the perfect time on our day off to check out the scene at the park on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We saw an up coming Dutch jazz singer Leona then followed by Dutch Pop Idols Winner, Boris ( both singing English songs which is great! ) that kept the park alive and kicking. Such a pleasant atmosphere and a first time for the both of us. My coach Liz was in the neighbourhood and she joined in too.

Such a small town Amsterdam but it’s nice to be back!

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