Quarter Finals showdown with Samantha Teran

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Nicol David
blogs from Cayman Islands 2009.

In this picture: Samantha Teran

It was another hot and humid day on the squash court this evening even at 9.30pm while I was playing Samantha but all I could think of was to keep up with my speedy opponent on that court.

Samantha has been training in Amsterdam the past few weeks but during a tournament situation, both of us wanted to win just as much as the other person. I had a good start in the first game while she was still trying to get into the rallies.

In the second game, we had some monster rallies and the crowd was well thrilled with it all. After winning the second game 11-8, I wanted to go into the third game and keep it going. Samantha came out firing in the middle of the third game with most of her shots coming in perfectly for her. I regain my composure when I was trailing and played the right shots while she made a few errors to let me equal the scores. At the end, I got that game and was well pleased to win it 3-0.

Next up is Rachael Grinham in the semis tomorrow so keep following up on the news….

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