Prince squash clinic at the Center Court in Bukit Jalil.

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It was a Saturday afternoon at 2pm when everything kicked off at the Center Court in Bukit Jalil. My main racket sponsor, Prince organized state juniors and other clubs linked with the brand to come join in the fun. A lot of kids and their parents came by to take part in this clinic and I was pleased to see a great turn out.

Firstly, I was introduced on court to demonstrate a 10 minute solo exercise showing some brief solo drills most commonly used during training. Afterwards, one of the Malaysian players who plays the PSA tour, Leroy joined me to show a couple more drills with two people on court.

Now we bring on the kids. I got to work with 10 kids doing a 15 minute feeding session with them and to my surprise, they seem like they’ve done this before! Good technique and mostly impressed that one of them was aged 6 and was striking the ball with good timing.

Next up,  5 different kids lined up to play a 5 minute game to see who could get the most points during that time and the winner gets a prize. That was a tricky one because there were 5 of them making me run around the court! One of the boys got to 10-8 and the time ran out. Lucky me there was a time limit.

The last bit of the session on court was a 3 quarter court game with 10 more kids and the ages varied a lot this time. We had a laugh.

My time on court was over and it was now the parents and kids’ chance to win some prizes including some SquashStars T-shirts. A lot of happy kids and parents went back with a pressie from Prince after they answered some quiz questions.

We ended with some Q & A from some keen parents and kids while I gave a little insight of how squash has played such a big part of my life. Right after I finished my bit, the Center Court suddenly went pitch black and I was greeted with an early Birthday greeting from my sponsor sneekily surprising me with a cake and flowers. It was a surprise for sure!

After a thorough clinic with everyone, we got onto the autograph and photo session. It was nice to see so many enthusiastic kids willing to be here and parents giving them the support they need.

Thanks Prince for the continuous support you have given me these past few years and giving these kids a chance to enjoy this sport with me.



  1. Lorraine Siew

    September 3, 2009

    Lol! Sounds like you had a good time. By the way, Happy Birthday!

  2. Lorraine Siew

    September 3, 2009

    By the way, anyone who has good photos from the event please feel free to send them in or share them on our facebook page.

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