My First Tournament in Chennai

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The start of the tournament season finally arrived for me!

It was good to see familiar faces and to be back in the competitive scene at my very first tournament of the year. Everyone was ready to step on court to get the ball rolling in the new tournament addition to the WISPA calendar.

The squash players were put up at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel where we were treated like royalty the moment we set foot in the hotel. Their staff greeted us with such warmth and looked after our every need—you can truly sense their genuine hospitality.

The tournament was held at the Indian Squash Academy by the Squash Rackets Federation of India. The academy boasts their very own 4-glass-wall show court and 7 courts with moveable walls to convert into doubles courts. A very impressive venue and a striving squash academy.

The Malaysian team and Sam at the Indian Squash Academy

The Malaysian team and Sam at the Indian Squash Academy

Here are my personal reflections on all the games I played at the Chennai Open:

Round 1 Playing Dipika Pallikal from India in Chennai on the show court was an attraction for the local supporters coming to cheer for their local hero. The crowd was getting into the match and Dipika was stepping up her game right through. I stayed with my game plan and kept it going at my own pace. She gave her best performance and I had to work to win the match 3-0.

Quarter Finals After training with Samantha Teran in Amsterdam before this tournament, I was drawn to meet her here in the quarter finals. There were moments at the end of the first and third game where the scores were close between us but I made sure to focus well at the crucial points. She made a few errors and I clinched victory in the end.

Semi Finals I had to play Kasey Brown in the semis. It was her first time stepping onto the glass court while I had 2 matches here already. I felt more comfortable with the conditions and started off strong from the start of the match. She was still working her way into the match and I wanted to keep the intensity going. My movements worked well and a few unforced errors on her part gave me a good run throughout the match.

Finals  It’s another match up against Jenny Duncalf but this time, in the finals. I was glad to be in the finals and gave it my best shot. There were some solid rallies and both of us were trying to put the ball away at every opportunity possible. Some of Jenny’s shots just missed and hit the tin. At times I took my chances and it went my way. I was pleased with my focus and performance overall.

Most of the Malaysian squash players were still around supporting Ong Beng Hee and I when we won our individual titles. It was a nice ending to the Chennai Open.

Looking forward to the KL Open now… it’s good to be home.

My first Chennai Open Trophy

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  1. Sashe Tharan

    March 13, 2010

    I feel unhappy with RTM news on TV1/2 because they did not give any information on the competition, your victory, images and highlights in Chennai. RTM also never broadcast any “live” telecast of competition like British Open and World Open but they will broadcast each year the “live” telecast of badminton events like All England Championship and World Championship. This is horrible and many squash fans feels very angry and disappointed with this type of attitude. Thank you.

  2. Sashe Tharan

    March 13, 2010

    I do not know why you did not win any Laureus Sportswomen award (World Sportswomen). I think you will not win the award even though you win all the competition which are being held this year. As I know you had won Asian Sportswomen award few years ago which are being held only once. I think the Laureus Award is given to any sportsperson who receive the most attention from media and not the victories/titles won by an individual in all the competition in a particular year. And also some sports are being excluded from the award which I think is not fair. Thank you.

  3. Sashe Tharan

    March 13, 2010

    Squash tournaments like Malaysian Open should be held at a bigger venue such as Stadium Putra to give opportunity to many more squash fans to watch the game. Currently the competition held every year at shopping complexes such as Berjaya Times Square or The Curve. The area allocated to people to watch the game is small and they feels uncomfortable to watch the game. The tournament organizers should moves forward to held the competition in a bigger venue. I think more new squash tournaments will be held in other parts of the world which will popularize the game and also squash will be given green light to compete in the Olympic if this game is held in a bigger venue like a stadium. Thank you.

  4. Sashe Tharan

    March 13, 2010

    Congratulations to you on your first Chennai Open title and your first title of the year. I hope you will continue with your good performance such as Chennai Open throughout the year. I hope you knows that other players will always try very hard by using such as computer simulation, new approach and technique of training, hiring new and expert coach and other related methods to find new ways/method to beat you in future tournaments. Thank you.

  5. joanne

    March 16, 2010

    Welcome home =)

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