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Weymuller Open First Round

Last night I played Joey Chan from Hong Kong in the first round of the Weymuller Open. I have been working on parts of my game with coach, Rod Martin and it was nice to get through the first round which will only give me confidence going into the quarter finals tonight against World Number 3, Rachael Grinham. Joey played well in the first game and I didn’t take the opportunities I should have and lost the first 9/11. I was able to recover and gain more confidence as the match went on and won the next three 12/10, 11/2, 11/6. It is very humid in New York at the moment making the ball bouncy and harder to control.

I look forward to playing tonight.


Weymuller Open Quarter Final vs Rachael Grinham

Last night I played Australian and World Number 3, Rachael Grinham in the quarter finals of the Weymuller Open in New York. I’ve never beaten Rachael before so I knew how tough it would be to win but I was excited to see if the training I have been doing with my coach Rod Martin, would transfer into a big game like this one.

It is so hard to find any kind of rhythm against Rachael and I struggled to adapt in the first game. Even though I thought I played well, I missed a few opportunities I should have taken and Rachael was very steady and consistent to win the first 7/11. I knew how important the second game was and made a big effort to stay in front of my opponent and take the ball for a tight straight drop when I had the opportunity. I was varying the pace of the ball well and was able to take control of the match. I knew I could never let my focus drift as Rachael can turn a match in her favour in no time and I concentrated well throughout to win the next 3 games 11/8, 11/5, 11/6. This is a huge confidence boost for me going into my semi final match today against World Number 2, Jenny Duncalf at 5pm.


Weymuller Open Semi Final vs Jenny Duncalf

Last night I played World Number 2, Jenny Duncalf in the semi final of the Weymuller Open. In the first game, I struggled a bit to find my length and Jenny was playing well, hitting good width and not allowing me to cut the ball off. I got off to a better start in the 2nd game, going up 5/2 and 3rd game 8/4, but it is at these times, Jenny really buckles down and played some great shots. At this point, I needed to keep attacking and playing confident squash, instead of ‘playing safe’ and I went down 8/11, 6/11, 9/11. It is these types of matches that you learn alot from and I will take this into the next tournament, the US Open held in Philadelphia, which starts on the 2nd October.


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