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Aisling at Wimbledon 2009

As you’ve all seen on TV the outcome of the Wimbledon with Roger Federer and Serena Williams winning this prestigious trophy, I was one of the lucky ones to witness both of them in the first round of Wimbledon live at Centre Court.

A friend of mine from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) generously offered Aisling and I, 2 tickets to see tennis’ best! He loves squash and in return we’ll be having a squash match up together as a huge thank you for giving us this opportunity to be at Wimbledon.

Aisling and I got well into the atmosphere and the excitement of being at this historical venue in the tennis world. We soaked up the surroundings, people eagerly finding their spot for the side courts trying to track down their favorite tennis player while others getting in line to enter the main courts when it all begins at 1pm.

Our Centre Court seats are set and we had those seats right throughout the day starting with the official opening match from Federer, Serena after then Djokovic’s close win to finish off. It was such a treat to be right in the middle of everything. Truly a memorable day.

After a lot of tennis watching during those 2 weeks, Aisling and I decided to jump on the tennis court 2 days ago in Amsterdam to have a go at it. We brought more squash players to join in the fun and it was a good laugh. Aisling got into the swing of things better with her background in tennis while I was playing squash on the tennis court. It was a funny sight to see!

As for squash, I’ve been training to get ready for a line up of tournaments coming up soon so will keep you lot posted when it all starts up again. See ya!


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