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My coach, Liz and I at the Brooklyn Museam

My coach, Liz and I at the Brooklyn Museam

As the tournament began, my focus was fully on the tournament ahead at Brooklyn Heights. Brooklyn is a nice quaint neighbourhood where everybody seems to know your name and starts greeting you as you walk along the streets. You feel at home straight away and the best part about this tournament is the players were home-stayed throughout the week. I was lucky that the Mendez family was looking after Annelize and myself—treating us like royalty and feeding us well too. Now, we’re set to go…

Opening act—Round 1 with Emma
Played Emma Beddoes for the first time and was keeping a great momentum throughout the match. She played a long match with Squash Stars Line from Denmark the night before so that may have given me more chances to play my game and win it in straight sets.

Quarter Finals against Vanessa
Vanessa Atkinson and I have had past experiences playing each other so there was a good chance it was going to be a close match. She moved the ball well while I tried to step up my game with her. In the third game, she was leading 10-8 but I wasn’t going to let that game go. Off the return of serve at 10-10, I hit a forehand drop shot that rolled out of the nick. I took advantage of the lead and won 12-10 to win the match.

Semi Finals and it’s Jenny
It’s Jenny Duncalf in my third tournament in a row and she was geared up for it. Firing everything from the very start till the end without any mistakes. I was working the court but any slight opportunity that presented to her, she took it. That day was her day and some unforced errors from me didn’t help get me out of the situation. Just one of those days losing 3-0. I will take this experience and move forward now.

It sure was a worthwhile trip being in a city like New York where there’s plenty to do. One can only wish there was more time to discover the city better. This gives me a good excuse to come back here again so I can do better in this tournament next time round.

Next week: Off to Doha for the Qatar Classic!


  1. Elaine

    November 13, 2009

    Better luck at Qatar, woman! Great article, by the way… 😀

  2. Kavitha

    November 13, 2009

    We all have good days and not so good ones. Nice roundup and all the best! :)

  3. EC

    November 13, 2009

    You did your best and that counts for much. Like my mom says, the ball is round. But that makes victory all the sweeter, no? :) I’m glad I got to see you anyhows!

  4. Alana

    November 13, 2009

    Yes onto Qatar, good luck Nicol! See you there xo

  5. The Squashist

    November 14, 2009

    Nicol’s the best, as I note in my latest blog. A champion in more ways than just when wielding a racket!

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