Another Semis Match Up with Rachael Grinham.

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Nicol David
blogs from Cayman Islands 2009.

In this picture: Rachael Grinham

Another day into the tournament, the crowd piling up into the squash centre and the heat is on, literally! It’s Rachael once again in another grueling match tonight and we both kept it going right through til the very end.

Rachael got into her rhythm on the bouncy courts while I was still finding my game. Winning the first game off my serve with a volley cross court nick, I thought to myself that I can’t let that happen again. I got back on court and to my surprise I didn’t lose a point afterwards winning the second game 11-0 ( my first time ever! ).

In the next two games, we both moved the ball round the court as much as possible. I was happy to keep my focus in better today because I couldn’t give anything for Rachael to work on. Finally when I hit that last shot to win the match, we both just stopped where we were dripping in sweat happy it’s over.

Well satisfied with my win but one last match to go with Natalie Grainger tomorrow in the finals so keep on the look out…

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