ABC Tour: Part 3, ‘Caribbean Heat’ Tour in Curacao

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Friday, 17th of June

We’re back in Curacao and it’s the last stop of our tour. We arrived in the afternoon and checked into the Plaza Hotel Curacao in the middle of town. The hotel was arranged by Yedevan de Kooy, a squash player himself who works for the hotel and our rooms were complimentary throughout our stay in Curacao.

Later, we headed to the Curacao Golf and Squash Club for our squash session with the members. They were all set to get on court with us while some wanted to just sit back and watch an entertaining evening of squash. After battling each of the guys one bye one, Piedro and I had a fun exhibition match for the crowd.

A little social get together after squash and everyone was set for the next day of clinics.

Saturday, 18th of June

Colin showing the forehand

At 10am, the kids were already signed up and on court doing some warm up exercises with Paul Durward (Curacao No.1). This is their first time on a squash court and the guys, Piedro, Colin and I started them off with some basics of the game.

They picked it up really fast and were very keen afterwards that they stayed on court playing throughout the rest of the afternoon. Piedro and I played one game just as a demo for the crowd.

Subman taking on Piedro

We had Subway Sandwiches as our lunch sponsor and it was a feast! The kids loved the Subway cookies especially our very own Colin. SPA also made sure we had enough water throughout the day.

Another round of clinics was set in the afternoon and this time it was with the adults and other members of the club. This was also a way of encouraging new members to join in.

Played Colin in a demo game as well to wrap up the day.

A fun and enthusiastic group of people in Curacao. They managed to recruit more members and kids to join the club.

With the sponsors from Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V. (MCB) & Gopi Bhatt

Thanks to the guys – Piedro and Colin, for taking time out to work together with me in making this ‘Caribbean Heat’ promo tour a success and to Cheyenne who got things going for us. It was a team effort and everyone played a part in promoting squash in both Aruba and Curacao.

Also, thanks to the Curacao Golf and Squash Club, Anthony Richardson, Erik de Heer, Paul Durward, Kenneth O’Neil and all the sponsors for supporting the ‘Caribbean Heat’ promo tour. It was such a fantastic turnout and great response from everyone! We players are looking forward to our next trip back again.

It was difficult to leave the Caribbean islands but one thing was for sure, squash certainly had a place in the Caribbean. I had the best Caribbean experience on the islands, thanks to everyone’s hospitable nature throughout my tour.

I’ll be setting off on a new adventure next year in 2012. I wonder where my next promo tour will be… Suggestions anyone?

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