ABC Tour: Part 2, ‘Caribbean Heat’ in Aruba

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Scenic view from the beach at Marriott Hotel

After an eventful 3 days in Barbados, I was off to Aruba for my next stop. This part of the tour is the ‘Caribbean Heat’ promo tour organized by Cheyenne Lacroes (a SquashCity squash player from Curacao). An avid squash fan, he decided to follow up with his contacts in Aruba and Curacao to create this tour to promote squash in those islands.

Wednesday, 15th of June

The 'Caribbean Heat' crew meeting up in Curacao, flying out to Aruba

I met one of the ‘Caribbean Heat’ squash crew, Colin Ramasra (Trinidad and Tobago No.1) on my flight from Barbados transiting in Trinidad & Tobago to Curacao. We met the rest of the crew, Piëdro Schweertman (Netherlands No.3) and Cheyenne in Curacao to head over to Aruba together.


It was one of the shortest flights I had ever been on to get to Aruba from Curacao. Checked into the Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino Aruba, where I was given a complimentary room. The hotel was right on the beach and at the tourist attraction area.

We wandered around the island and checked out the scene in the evening on the island.

Thursday, 16th of June

Colin & I snorkelling

The next day, we had a special sail boat trip to the coral reefs around the island organized by the head of Red Sail Sports, Peter De Hoop, who is a squash player himself. He was very kind to treat us with this trip. Truly an experience swimming with the fishes and even saw a proper shipwreck!

Later after our boat trip, Peter picked us up from the hotel to head to their squash court at the Centrio Deportivo Playa (Central Sport Hall). A couple of guys and Peter came out to join in the fun with Piedro, Colin and me. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we even had some friends from the badminton hall who came to play.

Friday, 17th of June
A short stay in Aruba but still managed to meet the Marriott Rep, Bram Theeven at breakfast and Peter again took us for lunch, then to the airport where we got onto our next part of the ‘Caribbean Heat’ tour in Curacao. Stay tuned!

With Peter De Hoop from Red Sail Sports


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