A Tale of Mexican Passion

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Here I am, at the World Games, posing with the glass court!

Here I am, at the World Games, posing with the glass court!

In the beginning

I was born on 6 May 1981, my mom told me it was at 1 am. I grew up in Mexico City and basically did what all children do; go to school, be a bit of a prankster, play a lot, walk, ride my bicycle etc. I was in contact with horses and basically always enjoyed sports.

When I was 14 years old, I began to play squash because my dad was playing and he taught me the game. My dad, Javier Teran, used to play for the Mexican team. I began playing on American cement courts. I usually went playing at 10pm because at that hour the courts were empty. The owner of the club left the key for us so we could close up afterwards!

Professional squash players

In Mexico, squash is a relatively new sport, so I did not have the opportunity to watch the best players in the world.

When I was 19 years old, I met Sarah Fitz-Gerald and some other players who played a WISPA Tour in Mexico. That was the first time I saw professional squash. The player that I most admire nowadays is Nicol David. I think Nicol plays spectacular squash, I learned a lot from her and admire her both as a player and as a person.

PanAm and Olympic Games

I can say that my biggest dream and goal was to represent Mexico. The first time I played the Panamerican Games, wearing the Mexican uniform and hearing the national Mexican anthem when I won medals, was a very important moment in my career and in my life.

It would be even better if squash would be included in the Olympic Games of course. This is why I am an official ambassador to help promote our wonderful game.

Squash is my life’s passion, I think it will be very difficult for me to be far away from the game. In the future, I would like to own a squash club. I would love to set up a good club, using the experience I gathered playing around the world.


I love playing sports outdoors and would like to play more of them, but it is often complicated to combine that with squash. Also, I like to travel. Of course, I travel a lot for my squash, but this is different to visiting and exploring places while not experiencing the pressure of a tournament. This is the reason I like participating in triathlons which enables me to visit nice places and make it a bit of a holiday.

In three words, I would describe myself as passionate, persevering and friendly. I like doing things, I just can’t sit still. My philosophy in life is to do things passionately. I believe that if you give a lot and try to be a nice person, that you will receive it back in every sense of life. I am a Catholic and believe in God and I especially feel His company and His presence in all the places that I go to and in all the things that I do.

What I like beside squash

I love travelling in my own country, Mexico. I really enjoy getting to know the rivers, lakes and mountains and finding places where I can go out at night. I like Mexican food, that is my favourite, but I love all kinds of food, especially trying out new things.

I like Spanish music, my favourite singer is Alejandro Fernandez. I really love go to concerts. My favourite type of movies are love and action movies.


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  1. Arthur Curran

    August 16, 2009

    Hi Samantha,
    Have only just found this website through Facebook, a very nice and interesting article. Have not heard from you for ages, hope you are keeping well and still enjoying your squash. Hope you are coming to Manchester next month for the British Open, would be really nice to meet you again. Take care.

  2. Spanish School Mexico

    September 1, 2009

    Another interesting article from your blog :) When will it stop….hopefully never

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