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Nicol David
blogs from Cayman Islands 2009.

In this picture:
Emma and Anna-Carin from Sweden and me in my SquashStars Tee—enjoying the sun and the lovely sea breeze.

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve been following up on our SquashStars’ tourneys because I’ll be keeping everyone posted on the happenings that’s been going on right here in the Cayman Islands.

Just been in this gorgeous island the last 4 and a half days and it’s been such a treat! The water at their beaches are truly breath taking. A talented Miss Emma Beddoes from England (squash player too) took these pictures while snorkeling out in the sea today. To her surprise, sting rays swam by her and she took the pictures undewater! Great how these cameras work these days.

It’s the first round today and I had to meet el’ Capitan, Sharon Wee tonight. We just finished our match not long ago because we were last to play on court. The crowd was buzzing—creating a great atmosphere to play in.

She played well keeping the rallies going and hitting the ball cleanly with every shot. I was just soaking the energy of the crowd and came in firing each rally. No doubt the heat made the rallies intense and we both worked hard throughout the match. I won 3-0 and am glad to have a good start in my first round.

Will have more updates to come for tomorrow’s match with Samantha Teran from Mexico. Stay tuned…

In this picture: The beautiful Cayman Islands :)

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