2009 Qatar Classic Experience

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One last tournament of the year and I’ve been gearing up for it. Coming back to the city of Doha with such welcoming organizers and volunteers involved with the tournament felt like we never left the city since 2008. However, the city itself has been booming with more sky scrapers and buildings, adding on to the sky line. I’m always amazed with the progression of this city every time I come back.

All the players, men and women, made themselves comfortable and were ready to kick start another big tournament at the Khalifa Squash Centre.

Round 1
It was my first time playing fellow Malaysian, Low Wee Wern in a WISPA tournament. I’ve been watching her grow and develop so much in the past few years that it was great to be on court with her in a Gold event. I came out strong in the first game while she was still finding her rhythm on the glass court. She got going a bit more in the second and third game but I kept the pace on more as she was catching up to take the match.

Round 2
Jaclyn Hawkes was very determined to go for it once we both stepped on court. In each game, we battled it out right to the end while exchanging points back and forth. She clearly didn’t want to finish the match without taking a game. I worked hard in the match and was happy to win 3-0.

Quarter Finals
In this match with Laura Massaro, there was no room for lapse of focus from either of us. It was intense from the very beginning and whoever let up slightly was on the receiving end of the rally. Laura also decided to go further and went for some shots that came in for her on the glass court. However, the rallies were long and both of us knew we had to edge each other out. The last game was neck-to-neck but I pushed through while she made two unforced errors to give me a 10-8 lead and the win in the next rally.

Semi Finals
Another match with Jenny Duncalf and both of us were going full speed ahead. It was even for a while in the first game then Jenny found a way to take the lead to win that game. Coming back on to the court, I worked the ball around better and she was making more errors than normal. I took the second and the third but Jenny found something extra that took her right through the fourth and fifth game. She took the opportunities well and managed a 5-game victory.

It was such an atmosphere in the squash centre with the Ambassador from the Malaysian Embassy in Doha and many Malaysians  who came to cheer me on throughout the tournament. I will do my best to keep their hopes up for next year’s event when it comes around again. Thanks for the support and wishes always!

Qatar 2009


  1. Elaine

    December 3, 2009

    Congratulations, Nicol! :) Here’s to an awesome 2010!

  2. Nazmi

    December 3, 2009

    Nicol you’re still the best! I am sure you are geared up for more challenging 2010. Wish you all the best and we are with you throughout! Happy holidays to you…

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