Nicol at World Squash Day, Amsterdam

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Nicol & Rene Mijis

Nicol against René Mijs

23 May 2009 – On World Squash Day in Amsterdam, Nicol and her Dutch league team played some tough matches against men in a battle of the sexes. Nicol reports: “I was up against René Mijs from Rotterdam. Him being the no. 4 ranked male in the Netherlands, I knew I was going to be doing a lot of running. I managed to win the first game and please the crowd with some good shotmaking. After that, René made me work hard for everything. We had some fun rallies that had every possible shot and we were both chasing balls from every corner of the court. In the end I lost it for the girls unfortunately. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the match and will take this experience with me next time I step on court with a guy.”
Nicely done, Nicol.

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