WISPA Creates Heat Waves in 2010

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That’s right, boys…and girls! It’s time for the 2010 WISPA Calendar!

For those of you who didn’t own a 2009 Calendar like myself, you would be pleased to know the 2010 Calendar is even better. It is so much more… or rather… so much less that it could give Baywatch a run for their money. YES. It is that sizzling.

From what Squash Stars has heard (and seen), the weather forecast from month to month in WISPA world is going to be hot all year long with the heat peaking in January, February, June and October. Scroll down to find out why. 😉

Our Danish Ambassador Line Hansen who had fun being ‘model for a day’, exclaimed, “If you had said to me a year ago that I was gonna do a bikini shoot on the beach in Cayman Island, I would have laughed!”

Celebrated US photographer, Patricia Lyons who was responsible for the shoot at the gorgeous Cayman Islands, said “They certainly converted their professionalism from court to beach with ease and the result is simply stunning!”

What are you waiting for? See it for yourself by purchasing it right here on the WISPA website. It is definitely worth every dollar (US$23 to be exact, including shipping!).

The WISPA 2010 Calendar Girls line up: 
Janaury: Nicol David
February: Line Hansen
March: Irina Assal
April: Nicolette Fernandes
May: Jaclyn Hawkes
June: Natalie Grainger
July: Courtney Stafford
August: Isabelle Stoehr
September: Kasey Brown
October: Samantha Teran
November: Dominique Lloyd-Walter
December: Anna-Carin Forstadius


  1. levidav

    October 24, 2009

    ehh hmm
    january : nicol david
    can’t wait
    ha ha ha
    just joking………

  2. haniekunie

    October 25, 2009

    january: nicol david

    love to see her!

  3. boboze

    October 25, 2009

    Alison Waters!!! Vicky Botwright!!! Laura Lengthorn!!!

  4. Alvaro Mel

    December 9, 2009

    Huba huba huba…. growl…. oh mama cita or is it mama sita whichever

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