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Warwick Universities’ sport department have created a ground-breaking UK first with UV Squash. Picture lights out in a squash court, introduce some UV lights and sports equipment and voila! You have UV Squash!!!

UV Squash is a brand new concept to give Squash an edge and is a unique approach to encourage greater participation in the sport. The project was dreamt up and delivered through a partnership between Warwick Sport’s Active programme and the University Squash Club to place sport on a higher plateau and really show how the University of Warwick is leading the way for Higher Education Sport.

“WarwickSquash have always strongly encouraged participation in sport across all abilities, employing a variety of initiatives. Our latest move to present UV Squash is unique, eye-catching and has caused a stir in a number of communities across the globe. We hope that this demonstration will be replicated at other clubs and inspire more people to play Squash.” Jay Warnett – Warwick Squash President

“This is a fantastic programme that has gained a really positive response from both the University, England Squash and Racketball and the wider community. We really think this will engage an entirely new audience in sport and help them to reap the benefits of getting Active!” Jen Emeny-Green – Sports Development Coordinator (Warwick Sport)

‘UV Squash is an innovative idea unique in the UK. UV Squash aims to pull squash away from its traditional stereo-typical confines and transform it into a fashionable, bright and lively activity that will appeal to those not usually attracted to squash. ESR is hopeful that UV Squash will be an effective tool in engaging students and young people particularly, which can be combined with ESR’s forthcoming Big Hit Launch.’ Angela Cwaczko Regional Manager – North West (England Squash &Racketball).

Warwick Sport will be running a UV Squash Festival from the 20th-23rd February open to participants of all abilities at the University and invited clubs. On Saturday 23rd February 5-10.30pm we are opening our doors the public to come spectate and will include an exhibition match at 9pm (players TBC). There will be a small entrance fee to go towards the charity ‘Right to Play’. This event is supported by England Squash and Racketball and demonstrates the strength of the appeal of the sport in line with the ‘Squash 2020’ Olympic campaign.

Go to http://warwicksport.warwick.ac.uk/warwickactive/uvsquash or email Jen and Jay at uvsquash@warwick.ac.uk for more details.


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