Olympic 2016 Postcard Pledge Competition Ends

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The Coveted Stash!

The Coveted Stash. Congratulations to the winners! 

Leading up to World Squash Day—Squash Stars celebrated Squash for the 2016 Olympics by hosting a Facebook Group Competiton where our members could visually support Squash’s initiative in bidding to become an Olympic sport. These winning postcard pledges were then decided by all our group members through a democratic voting process.

Thanks for participating everyone! Here’s hoping for the best in our presentation to the International Olympic Council, next week!

*fingers crossed*


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Suvanya's Unique Winning Entry

Suvanya’s winning entry: The winner of the coveted Nicol David Autographed Squash Ball with the highest votes is Ms. Suvanya Sukumaran who will be going crazy with dental hygiene for Squash. “I pledge to brush my teeth with 100 different toothbrushes till it sparkles!” We are looking forward to the video, Suvanya!

Mei Ling's artistic entry.

Mei Ling’s artistic entry: Ms Mei Ling, won with the 2nd highest amount of votes artistically illustrated her pledge—”If Squash makes it to the Olympics in 2016, I pledge to shave my head bald, leaving a few strands of hair for the words….Squash in Olympics 2016!”. What a brave pledge, we hope you’re loving your prize—a Squash Stars Tee!


Generous Reygan.

Generous Reygan: Reygan Indran, in his pledge, has generously offered to sponsor any budding squash talent with a set of Squash equipment and gear. In his words, “If Squash makes it to the Olympics in 2016, I pledge that I will….be more than happy to sponsor one set of squash game kit and gear for any kids who have tremendous interest in this sport to help build up his/her talent.” So get training kids! Reygan may be contacted at our FB group. ;)

A cute pledge by Jecynda.

A cute pledge by Jecynda: Jecynda Ong in her endearing doodle, pledges to work her tush off to make it to the Squash Olympic Squad in 2016. “If Squash make it to the Olympic in 2016, I pledge to be one of the player.” This pledge was followed by a little chuckling… “hiak hiak hiak”. Nice work, Jecynda and congratulations! (Hey, maybe Reygan should sponsor her?:)


  1. wmsiew

    June 10, 2009


  2. wmsiew

    June 10, 2009

    i'm going to chase azuan this week!!

    oh, and congrats to the winners! 😀

  3. Elaine

    June 10, 2009

    Not yours! Shoo! 😀

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