Squash & the Olympics, A Perfect Match!

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Starting clockwise from top left ring: Nicol David (Malaysia), Natalie Grainger (USA), Samantha Teran (Mexico) Siyoli Lusaseni (South African), Rebecca Chiu (Hong Kong).

Squash has been really upping their efforts in the past months on the Olympic 2016 bid. Finally eh? Anyway, the timing feels right and the vibe is good. Here is a run up of what our pitch to the IOC is going to be (Thanks WISPA, for the list):

1. Squash is the “World’s Healthiest, Most Exciting Sport
Forbes Magazine concluded that Squash is the world’s healthiest sport after a survey in 2007. Squash doesn’t take very long to play but players burn lots of calories while playing, so it is great for young people today who want to get fit in the shortest possible time. At the elite level, squash is extremely athletic and exciting to watch, live and on TV.

2. Squash is a popular, accessible sport, played the world over
Squash is played in 175 countries by over 20 million people. Every continent has recreational players and professionals. It is played by men and women, young and old. It’s easy to get started and the cost of equipment is low. There are courts all over the world and it is easy to just turn up and have a game.

3. The game is well organised to take advantage of inclusion in the Olympic Games
Both the PSA and WISPA manage flourishing World Tours in which elite players compete. The WSF manages World Championships and these are fully integrated into the World Tours. All three organizations are 100% behind the bid for Olympic inclusion and are fully prepared to take advantage of the increase in awareness and participation that will result for the good of the game, and the Games, in general.

4. An Olympic Medal will be the sport’s highest honour
Every player agrees that the Olympic Games would take the sport to a different level and the Olympic Champion of Squash is a title that every player wants.

5. Squash’s top athletes will definitely compete
The world’s top men and women have all signed a pledge that they would compete in the Olympics. They will be supported in doing so by their National Federations, the WSF and PSA or WISPA.

6. Squash can take the Olympic Games into new markets
Squash has world class athletes from countries that do not traditionally produce Olympians. Including squash in the Olympic Games will boost awareness of the Olympic Movement in these countries, and will also promote better funding for the development of the sport.

7. The impact of Squash on the Olympic Games will be high, the cost low
Squash is a portable sport: a court requires minimal space and can be erected anywhere. Squash tournaments have been held in many iconic locations around the world, attracting players and non-players to the sport. This makes squash an ideal sport for showcasing the host city.

We will use local squash clubs in the host city for training and practice, so squash can be staged without any investment in permanent facilities or infrastructure.

So there you go. 7 Winning Points on why Squash should be an Olympic Sport. Check out Squash for 2016’s video here.

By the way, just in case you were wondering, the Olympic Ambassadors from the boys are: Ramy Ashour, Alister Walker, Thierry Lincou & Saurav Ghosal.



Nicol David, Founder
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