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BY Alan Thatcher

_41451840_cg6Nick Matthew had a rude awakening just a few hours after beating James Willstrop to win his second British Open title, a knock on his hotel room door by a team of drug testers!

Nick’s posting on his Facebook page said: “Can you believe it—doping control knocked on my door for a random test at 6a.m. this morning?”

Many Facebook friends expressed surprise that he was actually back in his hotel room so early after celebrating his triumph in Manchester after a marathon, late-night two-hour final battle that was decided on a fifth-game tiebreak.

Shame he couldn’t celebrate at the National Centre. Many readers have written to complain that they went for a drink during the Legends match between Ross Norman and Gawain Briars and were very upset that organisers shut the bar in order to hurry them back to their seats!

AlanProfilePic2Alan Thatcher is a journalist, Squash’s No.1 TV commentator, a tournament promoter and a club coach. He is also busy with a sports club he recently co-founded in England (called TriSports) which provides sporting opportunities for young people, especially those who are homeless, unemployed or disadvantaged.

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