It’s Sweet Victory for Malaysia

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The Malaysian crowd getting ready.

The Stompers charging up the atmosphere before the big finals.

The BIG awaited match between World number one and two promised to be a spectacular match. Although Nicol had won 16 of their previous 18 meetings, Jenny showed some excellent form at the end of 2009, defeating Nicol in two consecutive tournaments. However, following those two losses, Nicol won the next two matches after—in 2010 at the Chennai Open and Cayman Islands Open.

The epic 72 minute match.

Jenny, donned in a purple Adidas top, was the first to serve. The game started off rather evenly with both girls looking in top form. Nicol kept volleying while Jenny was slowing it down. Jenny was playing some good boasts with Nicol saving them one by one, lobbing the ball to the back each time. At 10-6, Nicol returned Jenny’s excellent volley nick with a nice drop shot to take the first game 11-6! The second game started off well for Jenny with a 4-point lead over Nicol at 6-2. Dressed in a trendy and chic grey Adidas dress, Nicol was seen puffing her cheeks, working hard to take points off her opponent. At 10-6, with game ball to Jenny, Nicol makes a stretch but misses it, and Jenny evens the score tally to 1-1. The third set started off with a stroke to Nicol as Jenny hit the ball back at herself. Many low backhand drives from Nicol and some long fantastic rallies put Nicol in an 8-5 lead. Nicol eventually takes the set 11-7, making it 2-1.

Jenny, looking for an opening.

Both ladies were doing lots of running around the court in the fourth set. There was some scrambling around the court by Nicol when she tripped over Jenny and accidentally hit the ball before she could ask for a let. The referees decided on a “no let” call. A dissatisfied Nicol tried to make her case but the point was given to Jenny and the score was leveled at 7-7. The game turned very similar to the point-for-point game between Nicol and Alison. Jenny finally won the game in extra points at 12-10.

Nicol, making her move.

Pressure was mounting on both players as they moved into the fifth game. Nicol sent some strong dead shots to the back of the court, taking a 3-0 lead. Jenny seemed to be making some errors on the tin and soon enough, Nicol was way ahead with a 9-3 lead. Jenny kept fighting and took Nicol to 5-10 but the game ended with a stroke in Nicol’s favour, making it six Malaysian Open titles in a row for the world champ! “Hard match again. Jenny just played some amazing shots that’s irretrievable. I just knew I had to work hard again. Just glad to win it! Now with my first win in Malaysia for the season, I hope to bring the momentum over to Singapore. Looking forward!”

Congratulations, to both Nicol and Jenny for a game well played!

Azlan Iskandar made it a double victory for Malaysian Squash as he won the Men’s category against a feisty Tarek Momen of Egypt in straight sets—11/5, 11/6, 11/8 (37 minutes).


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