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Nicol the artist!

The SquashStars team was invited to an exclusive party at Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur last night for the unveiling of Nicol David’s personal website. Among those present were her coach Liz Irving, Squash Stars Samantha Teran and Aisling Blake and English player Lauren Briggs. Other familiar faces included the team from Malaysian Squash; Ronald Fauvel, Allan & Aaron Soyza and Low Wee Wern.

In her small speech and presentation to a group of 15 close friends and sponsors, Nicol excitedly spoke about how she collaborated with a designer friend in Amsterdam to create her long awaited website. It was definitely a proud moment for Nicol as she spoke about the different design elements incorporated and how she personally drew each and every one of the icons seen on her newly launched website.

Nicol also shared on her site, how she made it to become who she is today by breaking it down to 5 elements. In her own words, “A squash player is made up of different qualities. Power, Skill, Creativity, Mental Toughness, Drive and Passion. Some of us have a favourite but my aim is to bring everything to be at the same level with my Passion. This site will allow me to share with everyone what makes me a squash player and more…”

Everyone present were utterly impressed by the amazing photographs of Nicol taken by Amsterdam-based designer, Kris Franks. Nicol regaled how they waited for the light to stream into Kris’ apartment window for the photo shoot. What was even more impressive was the fact that Kris didn’t need to use a tripod to capture those amazing shots! Talk about steady hands!

Congratulations, Nicol—for adding another notch to your list of talents and achievements! We’re mighty proud of you and we hope to see more of your design work to come!

Click on the snapshot of Nicol’s web below to find out more about the queen of squash, in her own words!

Nicol sporting a cute jacket and black top, proudly displaying her work of art.


  1. joanne

    March 16, 2010

    Wow..the website is awesome!!glad that ur will come true =) i like all of it, well done.

  2. EeCheng

    March 20, 2010

    Nice! Very classy. I like! Brings back memories of painting on those T-shirts … we did like 200?

  3. wani

    March 22, 2010

    semoga maju jaya nicol :)

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