Giles Smith Talks Trash About Squash

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In his article on Times Online ridiculing Obama’s efforts in bringing the 2018 World Cup to America, Giles Smith finished his piece by poking at the Squash for 2016 Olympic effort by saying this…

“Or what about squash? (It’s up for Olympic consideration, too.) Actually, maybe not. There are limits. I’m not sure even Martin Luther King at the peak of his powers could convince the International Olympic Committee that anyone wants to watch squash.”

No idea how he made that connection from World Cup to Golf and then suddenly dragging Squash in for a quick 1-2. My question is, who is Giles Smith to say what the IOC’s thoughts are?

The cheek! I urge all squash fans to write in to the Times Online to refute Giles Smiths baseless assumptions. Click to read it here.

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