El Torky Goes 5-0 in WISPA Finals

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Amr Khaled Khalifa & Heba El Torky with their trophies (Picture credits to http://www.squashegypt.com)

Heba El Torky kept her perfect record in WISPA finals in tact this week at the Tour 8 Egyptian Circuit tournament, held in Alexandria.

The draw was made up of a full Egyptian contingent of rising stars and up and coming juniors.

El Torky, 20, had an easy start to the tournament when Laila Omar retired after five points in the first round. However, from then on she had to work hard to win the title. In the quarter final, she was taken the full distance by Salma Hany, fending off fight backs to close out a comfortable fifth game after over an hour. The semi final was a straight game win, but it was far from easy.

Farah Abdel Meguid matched El Torky all the way through the match, but just a few crucial points going the way of the top seed swung the match her way.

On the opposite side of the draw, second seed Kanzy El Dafrawy had a smooth passage to the final. The 17 year old, sped through her first two matches and although Nouran El Torky proved to be a difficult semi final opponent, El Dafrawy was never troubled.

The final between the top two seeds was a close affair. Heba, in the end had the edge over her younger compatriot and came through in four games, just shy of the hour mark.

The win marks El Torky’s fifth WISPA title in as many finals and second title of the year, following her win in the first Egyptian Circuit tournament. El Torky has the best finals record of any player on the tour.

The win will likely see her land a place in the world’s top 30 in next month’s rankings for the first time.

El Dafrawy is still seeking her first WISPA title, after making her third final. She is the highest ranked player yet to capture a WISPA title. Although at only seventeen, she has plenty of time.

[1] H El Torky (EGY) bt [2] K El Dafrawy (EGY) 11-4 11-9 9-11 11-4 (59m)

[1] H El Torky (EGY) bt [4] F Abdel Meguid (EGY) 16-14 11-8 11-6 (40m)
[2] K El Dafrawy (EGY) bt [3] N El Torky (EGY) 11-5 11-4 11-5 (39m)

[1] H El Torky (EGY) bt [6] S Hany (EGY) 11-8 6-11 11-7 11-13 11-2 (61m)
[4] F Abdel Meguid (EGY) bt N Alaa Bayoumi (EGY) 11-3 11-3 11-5 (20m)
[3] N El Torky (EGY) bt [5] Y Adel (EGY) 10-12 17-15 11-7 11-4 (67m)
[2] K El Dafrawy (EGY) bt N Ahmed Gohar (EGY) 11-8 11-3 11-6 (24m)

1st Round:
[1] H El Torky (EGY) bt L Omar (EGY) 5-0 rtd
[6] S Hany (EGY) bt S Hany Ibrahim (EGY) 12-10 6-11 11-9 11-7 (45m)
[4] F Abdel Meguid (EGY) bt [Q] H Allah Hesham (EGY) 11-6 12-10 6-11 8-11 11-6 (59m)
N Alaa Bayoumi (EGY) bt [7] M Ely Ezzo (EGY) 11-13 11-4 11-9 11-9 (40m)
[5] Y Abdel (EGY) bt S Hatem Youssef (EGY) 12-14 11-7 8-11 11-9 14-12 (45m)
[3] N El Torky (EGY) bt [Q] M Ibrahim Metwally (EGY) 11-6 10-12 11-7 rtd
N Ahmed Gohar (EGY) bt [8] N Elkalaawy (EGY) 10-12 4-11 11-7 11-8 11-7(53m)
[2] K El Defrawy (EGY) bt M Nasser (EGY) 11-4 11-2 11-6 (26m)

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