Australian Clubs Rally Behind Olympic Bid

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More than 50 Australian clubs and centres will be taking part in the World’s Biggest Squash Game this Sunday in a global initiative aimed at getting the sport into the Olympic Games.

The World’s Biggest Squash Game will feature 30,000 players from across the planet all playing for one of two teams – Team Squash or Team 2020.

Team members play one game, the first to 20 points, with the total points won by participants calculated to determine an ultimate winner.

“The list of clubs who have signed up includes groups from Japan, Singapore, Finland, Liechtenstein, Brazil, Estonia, Russia, Malta, Belgium, Qatar, Uganda and the Cook Islands, plus St Vincent and The Grenadines, as well as all the bigger squash nations,” World Squash Federation Andrew Shelley said.

“This is truly representative of the global appetite for the game.”

Vicky Clark, coordinator of World Squash Day, said: “The response has been overwhelming.

“New clubs are coming on board every day. This is the biggest squash match in history and certainly one of the biggest sports fixtures ever held.”

Australian clubs participating come from most states and territories and from metropolitan and country areas, including the small town of Winton in far western Queensland.

“Australia is one of the largest supporters of the World’s Biggest Squash Game,” Squash Australia CEO Gary O’Donnell said.

“I am thrilled so many have decided to get behind the sport’s Olympic bid in this very visible way.”

A full list of Australian clubs taking part can be found on the Squash Australia website at


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